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Bluey Hey Day

About Us

Candle Bark Creations has been designing and making greeting cards for over 15 years. The business began in 1996 when Fiona, excited and motivated after travelling overseas, decided to begin her own business.  Starting in her parents’ house, Fiona began making cards and Christmas Decorations, getting a huge boost when she sold her special handmade Christmas decorations to David Jones in 1997.  They were used in David Jones' Christmas advertising for that year and sold out completely even after a big re-order! Since then Greeting Cards have been the focus of the business and a diverse range of collections of greeting cards to suit all shops and card buyers has been developed. There are cards in our current everyday collection which date back to the very beginning of the business, such as Wedding Couple and Happy Birthday Girl, you would never imagine they have been popular for so long. 

Fiona soon moved her business to a studio in Northbridge and started servicing newsagents, gift shops and florists with her special 100% Australian made greeting cards.  In the early days they were printed using a basic home printer and each was handmade by Fiona herself.  The business continued to grow and in 2005 Fiona moved to her current studio in Alexandria.  Candle Bark Cards are now printed on a commercial printer in the Candle Bark studio and while many are still made by Fiona herself (especially our wedding cards) she now has a staff of 4 people working for her.  Over time the designs have evolved and changed, being constantly updated to suit trends and fashion, and new ranges are always being developed.  The tried and true designs however have continued to be the winners. Kaleidoscope and Glam are very popular and have become what Candle Bark is known for. As our motto says, “Greeting Cards with Personality” and you can’t get more personality than a happy, smiling, Glam character!


Candle Bark cards now cover every occasion and every type of person.  We have ranges to suit every taste and every store.  Although we are known for our fantastic and fun handmade cards we also now have more conservative ranges to suit those with more conservative tastes.  If you can’t find something for a special person you know - let us know! We will make sure to add something suitable to our collection – we do not want anyone to miss out on the magic of Candle Bark Cards. 


Having our own printer in the Candle Bark Studio has also made it possible for us to create custom designs for corporate clients, weddings and any occasion, the Candle Bark Crew love designing their own cards for family and friends and we would like to make this possible for everyone else as well. Over time we have created invitations and cards for many events and special people and we are excited to make that even easier for you with our new website.  We are always open to new ideas and if you need something different, Candle Bark can do it for you! If you have an idea for a card you would like or would like to give us feedback on anything we would love to hear from you, just email and we will get back to you!


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